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Lincoln Financial MoneyGuard II – Product Review

Nationwide CareMatters II – Product Review

Cost of Long-term Care in Your State

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Cost of Long-term Care in Your State

Readers Picks – Top 5 LTC Articles

Lincoln Financial MoneyGuard II Objective Review

Lincoln Financial’s hybrid long-term care insurance called “MoneyGuard II” is a well-known LTC product. Take a look at how it compares to its competitors.

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5 Things to Review In Every Hybrid Long-term Care Policy

Not all hybrid long-term care policies are created equal. There are “5 important things to consider” in every hybrid LTC policy.

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What is Hybrid Long-term Care Insurance?

Hybrid long-term care insurance combines the benefits of long-term care & life insurance into a single policy. It offers guarantees that traditional LTC insurance can’t.

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4 Ways To Pay For Long-Term Care

Having a long-term care plan in place is very important. There are 4 common ways people pay for long-term care.

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Hybrid LTC Insurance For Cancer Survivors

Cancer survivors may still qualify for hybrid long-term care insurance. Here are several factors that determine if you get approved:

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