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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best age to plan for long-term care?

If you’re thinking about long-term care, than the right time to plan would be now. Hybrid long-term care insurance rates are based on mortality & morbidity. Therefore, your premium and chances of approval will typically be better if you apply while you are younger and healthier.

How much hybrid long-term care insurance do I need?

The “right amount” of hybrid long-term care insurance is different for every individual. Therefore, the amount of insurance you should get must be tailored towards your specific needs. A good starting point for determining the amount of insurance is to start with your budget and the cost of care in your state.

What happens to my benefits if I never need long-term care services?

The great thing about hybrid long-term care insurance is it provides three valuable options for your money. It creates long-term care benefits if you need long-term care. It creates a death benefit in the event you never need long-term care. Lastly, it provides a return of premium if you ever change your mind.

Can I make premium payments over time?

Yes. While hybrid long-term care insurance offers the option for a single premium, many policies today offer 5-pay and 10-pay payment schedules.