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My name is Michael Chapman and I am the owner of ChapmanInsuranceSolutions.com. I am a Certified Long-Term Care Specialist that focuses on Hybrid Long-Term Care Life Insurance.

I work with individuals all across America to get the right Hybrid Long-Term Care Insurance policy.

As an independent agent, I can shop for the best Hybrid Long-Term Care Insurance policy that fit your needs. My recommendations are always 100% completely objective and in the best interest of my clients.

Here are some of the Hybrid Long-Term Care Life Insurance carriers I represent:

  • Lincoln Financial MoneyGuard
  • Nationwide CareMatters
  • Pacific Life PremierCare
  • OneAmerica Asset Care

Why Work With Michael Chapman?

Typically, if someone is considering Hybrid Long-Term Care Life Insurance, they have many questions and need some direction.

That’s why I help all my clients by answering their questions, thoroughly explaining the product, and most importantly, pointing out the positives and negatives of a Hybrid Long-Term Care Insurance policy,

After presenting this information in a clear and concise manner, you will feel confident that you have everything needed to make an informed decision regarding Hybrid Long-Term Care Insurance!

Give it a try today by calling (800) 498-3955 or schedule a call for a Free Quote below!

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