Considering Hybrid Long-Term Care Insurance?

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Hybrid long-term care life insurance combines the benefits of long-term care insurance and life insurance into a single policy. It is a permanent life insurance policies with a long-term care rider. Hence, it leverages your payment(s) for two purposes:

  1. to create long-term care benefits to pay monthly long-term care expenses
  2. to create a life insurance death benefit in the event you never need long-term care.

Hybrid LTC-life insurance comes with added benefits. For example, you can get desired coverage for a guaranteed premium amount. Also, you have the option to surrender your policy for a guaranteed return of premium if you ever change your mind.

Find The Right Coverage

Finding the right Hybrid Long-Term Care policy sometimes is no easy task. Therefore, rely on the expertise of someone who has a decade’s worth of experience to guide you to your best available options.

There are 5 Things to Consider In Every Hybrid Long-Term Care Insurance Policy. Let us show you what they are and help you make an educated choice in selecting a policy that fits your needs.

See What Clients Are Saying

I was very happy with the service that Michael provided. He is very knowledgeable of long term care insurance policies.

He presented the information about policy options clearly, was very informative, and made sure I felt confident that I understood everything I needed to know to make a decision.

-Cheng Z. Chicago,IL

Michael’s clarity and honesty really helped me and my wife fill in the important insurance piece of our financial plan. We’re now whole and confident moving forward! Highly recommended!

-David & Shanika W. Hackensack, NJ